IT Support

You'd love the way we fix problems


We support charities and social enterprises of between 1–1000 people, offering an embracing and friendly IT Support service that you and your team will enjoy using. It's a full service and that one that's backed up by years of experience as well as a range of skills and complementary services that you can dip-into however and whenever you need.

We're very much a typical IT provider but the things that make us different are our friendly service, responsiveness and our genuine interest in saving our clients money. Our approach:

  1. To be there when you need us – we're responsive anyway and we're great in an emergency
  2. To keep ahead of issues – a lot of IT issues are fundamentally preventable, it goes without saying really that up to date and well maintained systems are less likely to go wrong.
  3. To offer an affordable and good value service – we really do like to save our clients money and we're bargain hunters to boot... We pride ourselves on the transparent way in which we charge for our services and the no-margin approach we take to procuring hardware, software and services on behalf of our clients.
  4. To make sure you're moving with the times – technology and the opportunities / risks that go with it continue to change; we have a rolling programme of change for our clients to ensure that we're helping you to adapt, to get more from IT and to (generally) save increasing amounts of money.
  5. To keep you safe and secure – cyber security is a constant challenge and an important part of what we do for our clients is to make sure they're keeping themselves, their data and reputations safe and secure. Achieving a basic level of cyber-security is really straightforward and a matter of making one or two key decisions rather than having to spend any money.
  6. To stay engaged with your needs, direction and strategic priorities – we're at our best when we know what matters to you and how we can best support you in achieving your strategic priorities. So we like to stay in touch and when things change, new opportunities or challenges emerge then let us know and see what we can do or suggest to help.

Support Options and Costs

We provide a range of support options to reflect your needs, budget and the level of predictability you require:

  • Ad-hoc and pre-pay services for organisations who want to save money and only pay for our time and assistance when you need it. This can work out really cost-effectively and is how a number of our clients work with us, even some of the larger ones. 
  • Fully-managed and unlimited support options for organisations who want us to do the leg work and like the idea of total predictability in their IT service and costs. We're there when you need us and depending on the type and scale of your systems, we'll carry out agreed scheduled maintenance and offer you monitoring of your systems so we know before you do, that something might be up.
  • Bespoke arrangements for organisations with more specialist needs. Some of our clients have a member of their team who might handle most IT requirements internally and we're just there when they're on holiday and when more complex issues arise. Likewise other organisations ask us to provide boutique levels of support or maintain specialist systems / infrastructure – we're adaptable and flexible!

How much does it cost?
As you might expect, it really depends on you, your systems and your requirements, but to give you some indicative ballparks...

  • For ad-hoc and pre-pay support – ie for those that want to pay as they go, then our support services tends to cost around £5–£14 per person per month.
  • For fully managed and unlimited support – for organisations who want to fix costs and achieve total predictability the cost is generally between £20–£25 per person per month if you're using something like Office 365 or G Suite, and between £30–£35 per person per month if you have more complex systems or requirements.

To find out what we can do for you
If you'd like more detailed information or a quotation then please send us your details.

A little more information

A service designed to be a little less annoying
We're service designers at heart and we've spent many years refining our service to make it work better and in a less annoying way than some traditional IT Support providers.

We can do as much or as little as you'd like
Our clients have different requirements and budgets – so our service can be tailored depending on how you'd like to work with us. If we’re doing our job properly then in the long run you won’t need to spend too much on our services. We really mean it; we care much more about the quality of the service we offer rather than the amount of revenue we derive from each client. Our goal is for IT to work for you whilst remaining distinctly affordable.

We’re a team of approachable and friendly techies who know their stuff.

Like many other IT support providers, we provide:

  • Business hours support services with out of hours support 24/7 if required
  • Monitoring of your systems and infrastructure using state of the art monitoring software
  • Onsite/desk-side support
  • Offsite/remote support
  • A SLA to guarantee our speed of response

Unlike some other IT support providers, we provide:

  • Apologies when we make mistakes
  • Solutions that tend to work well and reliably (we like it when things work)
  • Access to our no-margin purchasing service for hardware, software and services
  • A rich understanding of how to help charities and social enterprises leverage every discount available to them to save money in the long term