We're a social business

Our mission is simple: to support organisations who achieve positive social impact by providing enabling, responsive and affordable IT support. 


This page is a little bit like our manifesto.

Our revolutionary idea is that IT Support doesn’t have to be annoying, expensive or frustrating. We offer a service that is less annoying, puts good value at its heart and aims to ensure that your team and organisation can get on with the things they have to do rather than being slowed-down by their technology or the people supporting it. 

We are transparent about the way we charge for things, we’ll speak in plain English (most of the time) and when we’ve got things wrong then we’ll say sorry and we’ll put them right. We also like to develop friendly, collaborative and trusting relationships with our clients – you'll know that we've got your best interests at heart and that we've got some good solutions to your requirements too.

And the best bit. When we buy things for you like new computers, software, internet connectivity, shipping and so on – we’ll pass on whatever savings or reseller discount we get as a discount to you. Believe us, it's a very different way to offer IT Support – most IT providers make a lot of money from the commission or margin they add when reselling products or services, but it feels to us like a conflict of interest – we want to recommend the best option for you, rather than the one that makes us the most money... we're bad business people but lovely human beings!