IT Consulting

We provide insightful and pragmatic advice for organisations with IT challenges

Penelope provides a range of consulting and advice services for organisations looking to overcome particular issues or to understand how to get more from their IT provider, team or budget.

Our approach is borne from our own experience and a fundamental appreciation of the fact that most IT issues tend to be of human rather than technical origin. The reality is that experienced  leadership within organisations can have a real blind-spot for IT – we've worked with a number of clients who fundamentally suspect there's a problem with their IT function either at a structural, management or financial level but have been frustrated in how to resolve it. We have a good track record in finding solutions to seemingly intractable situations. 

Whatever you need we'll find a way of working that will work for you and your organisation in a sensitive, constructive and positive way. The services we're able to assist with are:

  • IT Service Reviews to examine the effectiveness of internal IT functions or outsourced providers and to make positive recommendations for change where required.
  • Support to make you an Intelligent Customer – we work with a number of COOs, Directors of Operations and FD's to support their ability to scrutinise an internal or outsourced IT function on an ongoing basis. 
  • Consultancy to support major changes in architecture, structures or to consider insourcing / outsourcing options – we've lead a number of consultancy-lead reviews for public and third sector organisations that have facilitated significant changes.
  • Cost reviews to allow you to find ways of reducing cost without impacting service or performance. Penelope has a good track record in helping organisations to save money whilst maintaining or improving levels of service or function.

Through specialist partners we're also able to provide or recommend people to assist with:

  • Intrusion or penetration testing – to validate the security of your networks, systems and/or organisational processes
  • ISO 27001 accreditation – for organisations wishing to consider better processes or control over their information storage and data handling
  • In-depth or forensic analysis of a range of hardware and software systems to support investigations into employee behaviour.

If you're interested in our consultancy services or would value a chat, then please get in touch.